Ukrainian Crisis

The Ukrainian Crises in European Media and the Public Sphere.
Edited by Dorothea Warneck

The situation in Ukraine is the subject of an intense discussion in the public sphere and the media across Europe. But what do we know about how our neighbouring countries are reflecting on the crisis, its historical background and its meaning for the relationship between our countries, Ukraine, Russia and the European Union?

The Cultures of History Forum of the Imre Kertész Kolleg asked historians and sociologists between April and June 2014 from more than 15 European countries, the US, Israel and Turkey for contributions on the media coverage of and public debates on the Ukrainian crisis in their own countries. 

The authors summarize the main issues raised in reflections on the situation in the Ukraine, the Maidan and Crimea and point to shifts in these reflections over time. In particular, the contributions highlight the frequent recourse to historical issues and narratives in discussions of the Ukrainian crisis, the prevailing images of Ukraine, Russia and the European Union, and the historical concepts and stereotypes on which those images are based.

Introduction. The Ukrainian Crises in European Media and the Public Sphere.

Dorothea Warneck · 29. Apr 2014

Media throughout Europe began covering the events in Ukraine when the massive demonstrations on the Maidan in Kiev began in November 2013, after then Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovy...

Belarus - In the Tight Embrace of the 'Russian World': Belarusian Reactions to Events in Ukraine

Aliaksei Lastouski · 07. May 2014

Events in Ukraine are currently drawing the attention of the whole world, but some aspects of the crisis have gone unnoticed: the Ukrainian crisis is far more than a domestic struggle o...

Bulgaria - The Importance of Being Outright: Bulgarian Reactions to the Ukrainian Crisis

Nikolai Vukov · 09. Sep 2014

The political developments in the Ukraine after the decision by its former President Viktor Yanukovych to withdraw from signing the EU accession agreement in November 2013 were followed...

Czech Republic - 'Putler' or Banderists? Czech Reactions to the Events in Ukraine

Stanislav Holubec · 14. May 2014

In order to understand the attitudes of the Czech public to the crisis in Ukraine and the public debates on this topic, we need to take Czech-Ukrainian relations in the last century int...

Estonia - The Ukrainian Crisis as Reflected in the Estonian Media

Maria Mälksoo · 30. Apr 2014

Tuning into and reading the Estonian media´s coverage of the Euromaidan and the later crisis in the Crimea, one inevitably experiences a déjà vu-effect. We've heard it all before during...

Germany - "Trivializers of Fascism" and "Russia Sympathizers" – the Ukrainian Crisis in the German Debate

Kai Struve · 14. May 2014

The discussion about the protests and the popular uprising in Ukraine triggered by the refusal of Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych to sign the association agreement with the EU in ...

Hungary - The Ukrainian Crisis in the Hungarian Media

Péter Apor · 30. Apr 2014

In Hungary, the crisis in Ukraine, the protest movement on the Maidan in Kiev, the violent clashes between demonstrators and the police, and the collapse of President Yanukovich's gover...

Lithuania - Repercussions of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania? The public perception of the Ukrainian War in Lithuania

Felix Ackermann · 30. Apr 2014

A former fountain at the Lithuanian Parliament Seimas was redesigned in July 2013. The fountain became a pyramid with a map on each side projecting the historical borders of the Grand D...

Moldova - The Ukrainian Crisis in the Moldovan Media

Diana Joseph · 11. Jun 2014

In Moldova, the latest developments in Ukraine have been a major news story. The Moldovan media and civil society groups are concerned about the implications that Russian military actio...

Moldova - The Republic of Moldova in the Context of the Ukrainian Crisis

Diana Joseph · 21. May 2014

The Ukrainian crisis and the challenges faced by the new government of that country have begun to make other CIS member states nervous. And nowhere is this more apparent than in Moldova...

The Netherlands - From the Fringes of Europe and Back Again: Responses in the Netherlands to the Crisis in Ukraine

Ilse Josepha Lazaroms · 21. Sep 2014

In 2007, Dutch company Gasunie signed a multi-million Euro deal with Gazprom, which effectively meant that the country surrendered most of its energy supplies to the ups and downs of Ru...

Poland - The Ukrainian Crisis in the Polish Media

Łukasz Sommer and Joanna Wawrzyniak · 02. Jun 2014

The Ukrainian crisis has received massive media coverage in Poland. Politicians and journalists eagerly abandoned cultural wars to report on the threat of a real one. For a while, dispu...

Romania - The Scramble for the Present: Making Sense in Romania of the Crisis in Ukraine

Bogdan C. Iacob · 07. May 2014

In Romania, politicians, public intellectuals, and journalists are scrambling to comprehend the crisis faced by their neighbor. They are struggling to figure out the implications of the...

Russia - The Discourse on the Ukrainian Conflict in Russian Media, November 2013 – April 2014

Alexander Graef · 24. Jul 2015

The present brief report describes the main fault lines of Russian media discourse on the political crisis in Ukraine between late November 2013 and April 2014. It focuses on the charac...

Serbia - The Ukraine crisis in the Serbian media, November 2013 - March 2014

Ivana Dobrivojević · 30. Apr 2014

This paper is based on information and articles published in the four most prominent Serbian dailies: Politika, Danas, Vecernje novosti, Blic, and the weekly Vreme. Although serious res...

Turkey - The Portrayal of the Ukraine Crisis in the Turkish Media

Berk Esen · 09. Sep 2014

It was in late November 2013, when the Kiev protests began, that the Turkish media first showed an interest in the Ukraine crisis. During this initial phase, newspapers frequently featu...

Ukraine - Ukrainian Media on the Euromaidan protests

Natalya Ryabinska · 10. Apr 2015

Ukrainians generally get their political news from television. An opinion poll conducted between 17 and 22 May, 2013, by the Democratic Initiatives Foundation showed that 90% of Ukraini...

USA - A Cold-War Discourse Tinted with Holocaust Rhetoric: The Ukrainian Crisis in the United States Elite Press

Brian Horowitz · 09. May 2014

The reportage in the United States about the Ukraine crisis in the major elite news outlets - New York Times, New Yorker, and the New York Review of Books - has been surprisingly remini...